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Author/Anime Color Palette Series: Sylvia x Kyoshi Warrior, Suki

Welcome to my author/anime color palette series! Where my obsession with hex codes and middle grade/graphic novels come together. I'll break down an author's photo color palette and which animated character they remind me of.

Former environmental attorney and current author Sylvia Liu, @artsylliu, is coming out with book three June 21, 2022! You can soon pick up your copy of Hana Hsu and the Ghost Crab Nation (Razorbill, 2022), where this "cinematic sci-fi novel follows Hana Hsu's mission to save herself--and her friends--from a dangerous plot to control their minds." Other works include middle grade novel, Manatee's Best Friend (Scholastic, 2021), and Liu's New Voices Award-winning picture book, A Morning with Grandpa, illustrated by Christina Forshay (Lee & Low Books, 2016). Sylvia is also an artist and the co-founder of KidLit411 which provides excellent resources for children's writers and illustrators.

What's Sylvia's author color palette like?

Hex codes include: teahouse, "kool" cream, honey-glow, and tiger petals.

Sylvia pens stories fiercely, as any author warrior does! She's protected the oceans for over a decade, redirecting her environmental passion towards educating young minds in children's literature. Beloved ATLA Kyoshi Warrior, Suki, is also always prepared for a justified fight. Suki and her comrades protect the legendary sky bisons from falling into enemy hands and befriend the Avatar to aid him in his quest. Did I mention Suki's impressive combat skills? She's a force to be reckoned with (Sylvia and Suki)!

What do you think? For those curious to discover more, follow me on Twitter or Instagram @sammi_elyse.

Author photo credit: K. Woodard Photography


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