• Sam Elyse

Author/Anime Color Palette Series: Jenny x Maika Halfwolf

Welcome to my author/anime color palette series! Where my obsession with hex codes and middle grade/graphic novels come together. I'll break down an author's photo color palette and which animated character they remind me of.

Jenny Adams Perinovic, @JennyPerinovic, is an alumna of Blue Stoop’s 2019 YA Novel Intensive and the 2021 Tin House YA Workshop. Her books specialize in historical fantasy. While working on her WIPs for her agent, Jenny has also participated as a 2021 #PitchWars YA Mentor.

What's Jenny's author color palette like?

Hex codes include: tinsel, sand cake, apple beau, and cognac.

As a middle school librarian who wrote many monster stories, Jenny meets her color palette match with Monstress protagonist Maika Halfwolf. The esteemed graphic novel follows Arcanic Maika through a rigorous journey. But unraveling her mother's secrets leads Maika to confronting the literal demon within her and how to control insatiable hunger for human flesh.

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