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Author/Anime Color Palette Series: Melanie x Toph Beifong

Welcome to my author/anime color palette series! Where my obsession with hex codes and middle grade/graphic novels come together. I'll break down an author's photo color palette and which animated character they remind me of.

Co-host of Of the Publishing Persuasion podcast, Melanie Schubert, @M_L_Schubert, is proactive about connecting writers with the right insight. She is also the author of Gregory and the Grimbockle, published by New Wrinkle Publishing in 2017, and was a 2020 #PitchWars mentee (who shares her mentee-mentor experience about her winning dragon story in a special Pitch Wars interview).

What's Melanie's author color palette like?

Hex codes include: golden grin, pewter, peacock eyes, and olive-garchy.

Melanie continues to write mostly fantasy across several age categories. And while she lives in Melbourne, she has been writing musicals with a New Zealand performing arts company for many years. Avatar: The Last Airbender heroine, Toph Beifong, and Melanie share an affinity for travel! Toph is definitely a "boss babe" ready for the unexpected, too. She turns her blindness into a hidden strength and daringly runs away from home to teach the Last Airbender, Ang, her earthbending ways. In doing so she experiences freedom she never knew existed.

What do you think? For those curious to discover more, follow me on Twitter or Instagram @sammi_elyse.


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