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Author/Anime Color Palette Series: Aty x Victor Nikiforov

Welcome to my author/anime color palette series! Where my obsession with hex codes and middle grade/graphic novels come together. I'll break down an author's photo color palette and which animated character they remind me of.

Talented returning #PitchWars mentor and graphic novelist, Aty S. Behsam, @ASBehsam, rocks a warm and icy author color palette. Aty has published stories in the UK, is working on a manga, Daryan, and YA novel, Dime a Dozen, and directs and produces one of Iran's most popular podcasts, Yuri!!! on RADIO.

What's Aty's author color palette like?

Hex codes include: frost, marshmallow grotto, currant, and rose quartz.

Aty's a well-equipped mentor ready to surprise her audience (and go the extra mile)! Much like her anime counterpart, Victor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! on Ice. Victor has a charming personality but even with constant spotlight will make sacrifices for the one he loves (spoiler... it's Yuri).

What do you think? For those curious to discover more, follow me on Twitter or Instagram @sammi_elyse.


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