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Author/Anime Color Palette Series: Angela x Nezuko Kamado

Welcome to my author/anime color palette series! Where my obsession with hex codes and middle grade/graphic novels come together. I'll break down an author's photo color palette and which animated character they remind me of.

Former #PitchWars mentee, Angela Montoya, @montayasangel, currently co-hosts Of the Publishing Persuasion podcast. She is also represented by boutique literary agency Jill Grinberg Literary Management. Angela is currently working on her YA Latinx fantasy (think of thrilling pirates paired with the glam facade of The Belles).

What's Angela's author color palette like?

Hex codes include: piped chili, orchid, sugar plum, and wine magnet.

Between a hip podcast exploring the ups and downs of publishing to Angela's personal experience at an agency focused on inclusivity, Angela stays attuned to authors at various stages of their careers. And as people accept their transformative natures, Demon Slayer heroine Nezuko Kamado makes an excellent auhor/anime pairing for Angela. Nezuko's humanity and kind heart do not completely vanish after turning into a demon. She recognizes and protects her family even in demon form. Don't be fooled by her preventative demon muzzle either—emotions are raw and present in the occasional tears Nezuko sheds or her bubbly smile.

What do you think? For those curious to discover more, follow me on Twitter or Instagram @sammi_elyse.


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