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Storytelling is at my core. I've been writing for many years, and at one point even played the role of Sr. Editor for a London-based bookmaker. But no form of writing has ever felt so fulfilling as being a fantasy and paranormal author. I aim to craft enriching tales where characters pour out all of their hopes (and fears) onto each page, where children conquer their inner demons, and inexplicable worlds house wonderful monsters and magic. Please see a list of WIP's and publications below:

Works in progress:

Azurra.WoodWitches (1).jpg
Vampire graphic novel, Sam Elyse Snyder
momori_monotone (1).jpg
Four Tigers.Daughter.jpg

List of Titles

1 / Azzura and the Wood Witches

Middle Grade / Paranormal (42k word count)

2 / Four Tigers and a Daughter

Graphic Novel / Contemporary Fantasy (45k word count)


Graphic Novel / Paranormal (40k word count)


"Honey and Onions" -
an eco-horror anthology

Outland Entertainment, Spring 2023

"SUPA Coffee" -
feature news article on a women-owned coffee shop surviving the 2020 pandemic

Coffee People Zine, Spring 2021
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