Hi! I'm Sam.

When I'm not producing great content, I write children's paranormal novels, manage a women writers group, & make origami stop motion shorts that are far from perfect.

I also teach yoga/mindfulness designed for creative professionals! You can book 1-on-1 sessions via a simple email. All sessions are donation-based — because mental health & feeling motivated to create great work matters.


Always Something to Make...

If being a writer and producer didn't bring enough joy, I get to collaborate with my director/animator partner, Nick. From music videos & creative branding to animated shorts & live action features. I'll be scouting a location, storyboarding, or script writing most weekends.


Graphic Novels, Too!?

Character creation & research is my favorite part of crafting the story! I conceptualized Wasswa, the albino gorilla, for my FIRST graphic novel to be queried 2022.*

*Motion graphic/animation by Nick Snyder.


Origami Hobby

In the last year, the need obsess over the written word led me to work with paper in a new way. Origami became a challenging hobby which in turn became a new art through paper stop motion.


(Net)work Hard

The best opportunity you can give yourself is learning from the brilliant minds you respect and hope to impress. Inspiration can be fleeting but a refined work ethic is invaluable.

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Sam Elyse

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