A Healthy Writer: Post-#PitMad

Writing a blog this week feels a bit distant. As I wrap-up client memoirs during the day, I also dive into finishing my post-#PitMad queries at night. What I'm reminded of is that the core for any story, be it a memoir or one of my MG fantasies, is that there are emotions at stake and heartfelt stories to capture.

There is so much fear, selfishness, and anxiety spreading throughout the world right now. The United States lags behind other great nations rallying to properly test and protect against the coronavirus, racism shrouds many Asian communities (Chinese food isn't the problem here), and there is an abundance of questionable leadership. At least we still have some incredible personalities like Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita, to reassure us. We also have seen a lot of love, togetherness, and hope from family and friends. This includes the #writingcommunity who continues to support one another. #PitMad was another huge success. Writers, agents, and editors showed a lot of encouragement for their community while taking care of personal needs. Getting through this #PitMad may seem like a small feat, but it was a giant victory seeing so many steadfast passions persevere. As a #writer, you took the time to join in and motivate other writers to stay positive and secure in efforts to finish and pitch that book. I am so thankful to have a community that supported my pitches, beta readers who have graciously given invaluable feedback, and several agents who took an interest in my latest MG fantasy, Momori: Child of Sand. I received three likes total, which is three more than I could hope for, and all for the newest book of mine. Here is one of two pitches for Momori: Child of Sand that gained Twitter traction and agent likes: CORALINE X PAN'S LABYRINTH

War's over, remnants remain. 12yo Momori begs her Jewish mom/brothers to find their POW Japanese father. But when magical golems kidnap her brother, lost princess Momori finds courage to face fear & the spirit world alone. #PitMad #MG #F #MR #OWN #IRMC

I saw so many wonderful pitches last week that I'm thrilled to be part of the handful who were noticed! How does this pitch sound compared to yours? Was your book also able to gather some retweets or agent interest? Last month I posted about "writer self-love" and what that means to you, as a writer, to take the time to value practices that keep you motivated with your work. I also mentioned sharing a tip from another writer. Gary Seto, who is a historical fiction writer near Los Angeles, mentioned his version of self-love involves running and surrounding himself with nature. He says, "Since writing is often viewed as a sedentary activity, [I think] we should all balance that with some kind of exercise/physical activity." I couldn't agree more! For me, my favorite physical activity is camping, a hike, bicycling, or yoga. Treating your body well provides a fresh headspace for creative ideas to flow. To help prepare for #PitMad, I really struggled to find that headspace to work. However, it's important to make that space for yourself no matter what. Overall, I'm proud to have pitched multiple books, even if only one worked best for this round. Does my strategy below seem similar to yours as a Pitch Wars writer? 1. Prepared pitches ahead of time (days, not hours, before) 2. Studied past pitch attempts and strategized 3. Restrained comparing myself to others, which can be physically draining 4. Early to bed, early to rise (I woke up before sunrise to rally on the same timezone as the east coast) 5. Treated myself to whatever large coffee I wanted For anyone who also received some positive feedback/Twitter action, I would love to chat! The next PitMad is June 4, 2020. We have two and half months to prep and two and a half months to treat our minds and bodies well as writers. Stay healthy and confident that your story will come together!

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