What is Paper Baba?

Paper Baba was a pseudonym Sam used for other creative outlets. A certified yoga teacher, Sam's writer/producer instincts melted with her mindfulness practice.

Nothing got her in the chair, writing, more than yoga, secret stop motion projects, and a kickass cup of coffee.

Now, she runs donation-based yoga specifically targeted to enhance creative energy through chakras, Yin yoga, ballistic stretching, and creative activities.

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"Root to rise" holds a much deeper meaning. Energy flows throughout your whole body every passing moment. From our sit bones to the crown of our head, chakras provide mental clarity as much as physical stability.


Ballistic Stretching

Activating targeted muscles through elongated stretches using "bouncing" techniques.


Speed Journaling

Craft ideas quickly and efficiently! The story doesn't have to be perfect but without routine work ethic you cannot move forward.


Yin Yoga

Founded in the 1970s by martial artists, Yin yoga deepens the stretch in various poses and accepting the present feeling throughout our bodies.


Minute Meditation

Scaled meditation for every level yogi and creative. Directing one's mind to the present is no easy task. Find opportunities to reflect on breathing techniques.


Custom Creative

Storyboarding/mood boards/cover creation. Visualizing your progress invites opportunity.

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